Mikhail Iu. Lermontov

In the deep ravine of the Daryal,

Where the Terek (River) burrows in the darkness,

An ancient tower stood,

Showing black against the black cliff.

In that tower tall and narrow,

The Princess Tamara lived:

Beautiful as a heavenly angel,

Sly and evil as a demon.

There through the midnight fog ,

A golden light gleamed,

It threw itself into a traveler’s eyes,

Beckoned him for a night’s rest.

And the voice of Tamara was heard:

It was all desire sad passion,

In it were all-powerful charms,

Its power was incomprehensible,

To the voice of the Invisible peril ,

Went the warrior, the merchant and the shepherds;

Before him the doors opened,

He was met by a gloomy eunuch.

On a soft down bed

Bedecked in brocade and pearls,

She awaited her guest. There fizzed

Before her two goblets of wine.

The burning hands intertwined,

Lips stuck to lips,

And strange, wild sounds

Resounded there all night.

As if at that empty tower

One hundred fiery youths and their wives

Gathered at their nocturnal wedding,

At the feast of a great funeral.

But as soon as the glow of the morning

Threw its ray on the mountains,

Suddenly both darkness and silence

Again reigned there.

Only the Terek in the Daryal ravine,

Thundering, broke the silence;

Wave dashed upon wave,

Wave chased wave;

And with a lament the voiceless body

They hurried to carry away;

At that moment something showed white in the window,

Thence sounded: farewell.

And the farewell was so tender,

So sweetly sounded that voice,

As if it promised the raptures

Of meeting and the caresses of love.