Fall 2005 Schedule


7     Introduction
Read: Plato, The Republic, Book 7*

12    Atala/Rene: Idealism, Romanticism
Read: Adolphe
14    Byronic heroes and autobiographical heroines
Read: de Vigny, “The Red Seal”*
Lermontov, A Hero of Our Time ,Chapters 1 and 2: “Bela” and “Maksim Maksimych”
Write:  Points of contact and differences between de Vigny’s and Lermontov’s tales
(outline form, 2 pages)

19     Plagiarism? Discussion of Lermontov’s appropriations. Who is his narrator?
Read: “L’Orco” and Hero, “Taman”
Write:  Points of contact and differences between Sand’s and Lermontov’s tales
(outline form, 2 pages)
21     From Venice to the Caucasus: angles of deformation.
Read: Hero, “Princess Mary,” “The Fatalist”
Hartman, “Romanticism and Anti-Selfconsciousness”*
Write: Some aspect of Lermontov’s purposes/achievements in writing Hero (2 pp)

26     Lermontov and French Romanticism
Read: Pere Goriot (1/3)
28     Realism: The Maison Vauquer
Read: Pere Goriot (1/3)


3     Pere Goriot: motifs: pick one to trace orally in class
Read: Pere Goriot (finish)
5     Materialism: medicine and phrenology; the psychology of poverty
Read: Crime and Punishment, Part I  (note throughout: bells, yellow, water)

10     Pere Goriot: Supermen: Napoleon, Vautrin, Rastignac
Read Crime and Punishment, Part II, III
12     Raskolnikov’s duality: trace the voices
Read: C and P, IV, half of V

17 Break

19      The Crystal Palace, Enlightened Self-Interest; Calculation
Read: C and P, finish
Write: what parallels can you find between Balzac’s and Dostoevsky’scharacters? (outline)

24    The Epilogue. Sonya. How does Dostoevsky recast Balzac’s material?
Write: Paper #1:  Pere Goriot as source for Crime and Punishment: ONE aspect, character, or motif scene (use guidelines for subtext papers)

26       Exchange papers with peer reviewer in class (use guidelines for peer reviewing)
Read: Madame Bovary, 1/4  (note blue, green, palm trees, ships)

31      Return reviewed paper to peer in class
Emma’s reading; the wedding cake
Read: Madame Bovary, 1/4:compare the wedding cake to the description of Yonville (Part II, chapter 3)


Read: Madame Bovary,1/4

7        The scene at the Golden Lion; the scene at the fairground
Read: Madame Bovary (finish)
Prepare to discuss: Why does the novel end with Monsieur Homais?

9         Homais
Read Anna Karenina,  Part I

14       Stiva Oblonsky, Levin and the oysters
Read: Anna, Part  II and III

16       The labyrinth of linkages: the sequence of chapters
Read: Anna  Part IV
Write: one pairing of chapters (1 page)

21       Railroads vs. horses; Moscow vs. Petersburg; city vs. country
Read: Anna  Parts V, VI

23 Thanksgiving

28        Three marriages
Read: Anna Parts VII, VIII
Write: what parallels do you find between Madame Bovaryand Anna Karenina?                                                                                                              (outline form)
30        What does the epigraph mean? Who is to blame?
WRITE: Paper #2: Madame Bovary as source for Anna Karenina:
select one aspect/character/motif/scene
use guidelines for subtext papers


5  Exchange papers with peers (use guidelines for peer reviewing)
Anna and Emma: discuss your findings

7   Return reviewed paper to peers
Tolstoy and Flaubert


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